Create and Sell Your Own Powerful Online Course

Have knowledge that could empower others? Take this course and leave with a blueprint for your very own course!

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On demand


Başla  Andolsun

Estimated Time

8 hours (including activities)


8 modules at your own pace



About the course

If you've ever thought you had skills or knowledge that may be useful to others in tribal communities but you didn't have an easy way to share them, this is the course for you! ndgenius' founder and Lead Instructional Designer, Başla  Andolsun, will walk you through the process she uses for creating impactful learning experiences. From deciding on your course topic, to honing in on your target audience and the specific problems you can help your audience solve, to planning out your course outline, to learning how to develop content using tools already at your fingertips, this course will guide you through how to achieve your dream of building a course that generates passive income for yourself while strengthening others in tribal communities.

This course uses straight-forward steps that are easy to follow, but it takes hard work. Building a well-constructed course takes plenty of time and effort. For most people, it takes a minimum of 80 hours to design and develop a quality course. This course is geared towards people who understand that, and are willing to put the work in to do it. It's designed for learners who are new to course creation, as well as those who have created courses before and want to improve their skills.

People who successfully complete the course workbook will have the opportunity to have ndgenius validate their idea. What does that mean? We'll poll our community with your course marketing and ask them if they'd buy it. You can then use that input to decide if you want to put the effort in to actually developing your course's lessons from the outline you created in your workbook.

Those who create a course that meets ndgenius' quality standards will be able to sell it through ndgenius' platform if they desire. We use a 50/50 profit-sharing model and handle the advertising, payment processing, and technical aspects of hosting the course. You retain the rights to your course, and can sell it through your own or other websites as well.

Practical approach

This course is all about getting you to the point where you can actually develop your own powerful online course -- one that earns you passive income while helping others learn valuable skills and knowledge. Each module gets you one step closer to your goal.


Successful learners have ideas that will help others in tribal communities meet their own goals, be they financial, wellness-related, cultural, etc., with the ultimate impact of uplifting whole communities.

Cycle of success

We operate from a framework of abundance. Our goal is to create a cycle of success, where you succeed when your learners succeed, and we succeed when you succeed.

Course Lessons

Başla  Andolsun

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