Imagine What We Can Accomplish Together!

ndgenius is a revolutionary social learning and networking platform that helps actualize the full potential of Indian Country and its people. Our membership groups leverage the collective power of passionate individuals like you looking to advance their careers, maximize their impact, and drive personal and collective economic and social prosperity. By joining one of our communities you gain access to:

1. A vibrant, supportive network of peers and experts committed to the success and the well-being of tribal nations and their people.
2. Customized learning experiences, resources, and tools that are tailored to your unique needs, goals, and cultural context.
3. Opportunities to collaborate on innovative solutions to the most pressing challenges facing you and your community.
4. A pathway to personal and professional growth, with a focus on skill development, career advancement, and entrepreneurship.
5. A platform for preserving and promoting tribal cultural heritage for future generations.
6. A commitment to sustainability, capacity-building, and long-term impact within Native American communities.

Through fostering the collective strength, knowledge, and insight of our members, we're poised to facilitate a ripple effect of transformative change across Indian Country. 

Our Vision:

Our vision is a thriving, interconnected Indian Country where every individual and tribal community has access to the collective knowledge, skills, and resources needed to drive economic and social prosperity. We see a future where ndgenius has become an indispensable facilitator of positive change, supporting Native American communities in creating their own ingenious solutions and building vibrant, self-sustaining economies and support systems that honor their unique cultural identities. Through the power of our network, we will foster a ripple effect of transformation, as our members' successes inspire and uplift others, leading to an increasingly prosperous future for generations to come.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support North American tribal governments, their members, and their broader communities in achieving economic and social prosperity through collaborative, outcome-driven membership networks. By facilitating the exchange of knowledge, resources, and solutions across critical areas, we help members drive meaningful results for themselves and their tribes, fostering individual transformation and systemic change.

Our Values and Beliefs:

We're built on the following values and beliefs:
  • Collaboration: We believe that by joining together, people across tribal communities can solve just about any challenge. We foster an environment of trust, respect, and open communication, where every member's unique skills, knowledge, and experiences are valued and leveraged for the greater good.
  • Support: Our job is to help connect people and facilitate transformational learning experiences. We provide the tools, resources, and platforms needed to build capacity, overcome challenges, and seize opportunities for growth and prosperity.
  • Meaning and Fulfillment: What we do is meaningful, and we enjoy our work. We are committed to creating a positive, supportive, and engaging environment for our team and our members.
  • Long-term Relationships: Building long-term relationships is more important than short-term gain. We prioritize sustainability, transparency, genuine partnerships, and the well-being of our members and their communities.
  • Mutual Uplift: Through mutual uplift and utilizing each other's strengths, we can all meet and exceed our needs. We believe in the power of collaboration and the collective potency of our diverse network.

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