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We offer both online and onsite training (online courses are listed first, scroll to the bottom for our onsite workshops). Browse our offerings below, or contact us to see how our instructional designers can create the right learning solution for your needs.

Online Courses

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Onsite Workshops

We offer onsite workshops that are tailored to your tribe's specific needs. We work with you to understand the learning outcomes you want, and then design each learning experience to meet those goals. While we suggest holding these workshops onsite for the best quality interaction and participation, many of them can also be delivered effectively via Zoom. In addition to the workshops below, any of the online courses above can be brought onsite.
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Unlocking the ISDEAA's Potential

The Indian Self Determination and Education Assistance Act (ISDEAA) has provided critical opportunities for tribal self-governance and the right for tribes to take control of federal programs administered on their behalf. Our ISDEAA expert will work with your tribal leaders, administrators, and/or program managers to explore how to fully utilize the ISDEAA for the benefit of your community.

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Business Planning for Native Entrepreneurs

Bring your business idea and leave with a comprehensive business plan and the confidence to turn your vision into a successful Native-owned business!

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Essentials of Tribal Council Leadership

Serving on tribal council comes with important governance duties and high expectations from the community. This workshop helps both seasoned and newly-elected or appointed tribal council members gain the knowledge and skills to effectively serve their communities. Topics are tailored for your council.

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Learn the Art of Beading

Explore the intricate art of beadwork in this hands-on workshop. Participants will learn about the deep cultural significance of beads and beading for many Indigenous tribes across North America. Guided by an experienced Native beadwork artist, by the end of the course, you'll understand the meditative and spiritual nature of Native American beadwork, and have your own stunning piece to reflect your newly learned skills and appreciation of this sacred (and fun!) cultural tradition.

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