Opportunities and Risks of Artificial Intelligence for Tribal Leaders


Smart tribal leaders don’t need to understand every technicality of AI. But they do need to serve as guides in identifying the best potential use cases, weighing the risks and benefits, and communicating a clear strategy for AI governance. This introductory course will walk you through the foundational concepts you'll need to guide your community through the safe and strategic application of AI tools.


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Başla Andolsun





About the course

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly changing the way business is done. This important course is tailored to help you as a tribal leader think though the implications of AI tools for your community, including AI's risks and opportunities, how it may impact tribal economies, potential job displacement and creation, considerations for policy-making around AI and its use in tribal government and enterprise operations, and illustrative use cases. We'll explore some of the AI-enabled tools currently available on the market, and walk you through, step-by-step, how to use ChatGPT.

This class is vital for anyone who is in the position to make decisions about the tribe's use of AI or the way the tribe should respond to coming changes in the face of AI, as well as anyone involved with implementing AI solutions for tribal government or operations. It's also recommended for tribal community members and employees who want to stay informed about issues related to AI.

This course was made with the assistance of AI tools. We'll show you how in the course!

Bring a customized version of this course onsite and have your entire tribal council, board, and/or upper management team learn and discuss crucial AI information with one of our tribal AI experts! To discuss, email us at fullcircletraining@learnfullcircle.com.

Practical approach

This training is designed to provide the skills and resources you need to guide your community through safe and secure AI implementation.

Tailored for tribes

This is not your standard corporate training. Each one of our courses has been carefully designed to meet the unique needs of tribal governments and enterprises. 

For your community

Your community's success is our best asset in showing the quality of our training.

Course Lessons

Başla Andolsun

Başla has been working in the field of tribal training since 2010, when she started her career as a Curriculum Development Specialist, and then Curriculum and Instruction Manager, for Falmouth Institute, leaving in 2019 to found Full Circle Training & Development. She has overseen the development and implementation of dozens of courses tailored for the needs of tribal governments and enterprises in the fields of governance, HR, finance, management, and more. Başla has a special interest in Artificial intelligence, both in terms of its philosophical implications and hands-on applications. Through using AI-enabled tools in business processes, she has gained practical insight into some of the opportunities these tools present as well as their limitations. Başla holds a BS and MS in Sociology, and master's certificates in Instructional Systems Development and Instructional Technology. She is of Turkish and mixed European descent, and lives in Arlington, VA, with her family. In her free time she enjoys playing bass in the band Beauty Pill, hiking, and visiting national parks.
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