Diversity and Inclusion Skills for the Tribal Workplace

Gain actionable strategies to cultivate tribal workplaces where everyone can contribute their talents and feel valued as part of the community. The skills you develop will foster innovation, enhance well-being, and promote a more balanced, harmonious workplace.



Başla  Andolsun


1.5 hours



About the course

This fascinating video-based course provides tribal professionals and their organizations with the knowledge and skills to:
  • Develop a diversity and inclusion mindset
  • Understand implicit biases and how they impact tribal workplaces
  • Mitigate exclusive and discriminatory practices in daily interaction
  • Communicate and collaborate across cultural and gender differences
  • Create a welcoming environment for people of all backgrounds and identities
  • Resolve conflicts among diverse teams
  • Lead change and progress towards equality in tribal institutions

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Want a customized version of this course with examples of issues being experienced at your organization? Or would you like to bring an interactive, facilitated version of this course on site to address your organization's most pressing diversity issues? Contact us at fullcircletraining@learnfullcircle.com.


Our trainings are designed to help learners think about things in ways they may not have before, with an emphasis on applying critical thinking skills to help you reach your goals. 


We are always thinking about how our courses impact not just the individual learners, but the tribal communities they belong to, and how we can provide the best value.

For your career

Diversity and inclusion isn't a touchy-feely topic.  Employees who master diversity and inclusion are more valuable assets to their employers, bolstering their career trajectory.  

Course Lessons

Başla  Andolsun

Başla has been working in the field of tribal training since 2010, when she started her career as a Curriculum Development Specialist, and then Curriculum and Instruction Manager, for Falmouth Institute, leaving in 2019 to found Full Circle Training & Development. She has overseen the development and implementation of dozens of courses tailored for the needs of tribal governments and enterprises in the fields of governance, HR, finance, management, and more. Başla holds a BS and MS in Sociology, and master's certificates in Instructional Systems Development and Instructional Technology. She became interested in issues involving race and gender dynamics through her own personal experiences growing up a minority in a predominantly White town, and then discovered frameworks for thinking about diversity issues at the University of New Mexico and Virginia Commonwealth University, where she took classes on Native American studies, the sociology of race, class, and gender, and women's studies. She is of Turkish and mixed European descent, and lives in Arlington, VA, with her family. In her free time she enjoys playing bass in the band Beauty Pill, hiking, and visiting national parks. 
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