About the course

This mini course is geared towards tribal employees, managers, or HR staff who are new to Indian Preference policies or would like a deeper understanding of what they are. It answers questions like what are Indian Preference policies? Are they fair? What benefits do they provide? Who is eligible? How do they impact my job?

This course addresses:
  • Indian Preference Policies as a unique legal right
  • The role of Tribal Sovereignty 
  • Brief legal history of Indian Preference
  • Tribal exemption from Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964
  • Which employers may grant Indian Preference?
  • Indian Preference as a way to promote the cultural and political identity of tribes
  • What an Indian Preference Policy looks like and who it covers
  • Where to find your tribe's policy
  • Tips for employees who are concerned that they are not eligible for Native preference

Want to customize this course to include your tribe's Indian Preference Policy? Write us at fullcircletraining@learnfullcircle.com.

Practical approach

Your time is valuable. We've highlighted just the information you most need about Tribal Preference Policies as a tribal employee.

Check Your Understanding

A brief assessment will ensure you understand the most important concepts related to Indian Preference.

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