Sexual Harassment Prevention for Tribal Managers

Learn how tribal supervisors and managers can build and maintain a respectful workplace that’s free of harassment and discrimination.

Text-Based, Interactive

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Self-Paced (about 2 hours)



About the course

Taking this interactive course is a proactive step toward creating a workplace that aligns with tribal cultural values, respects individual rights, and fosters a positive and inclusive atmosphere. It empowers employees to contribute to a safe and respectful tribal work environment, and gives managers the tools they need to effectively prevent and address sexual harassment. While the main focus of the course is sexual harassment prevention, it also explores what bullying and harassment are (and aren't) and offers strategies for ensuring everyone is treated respectfully at work.

This course is actually two courses in one. This first part consists of the same content provided to non-managerial employees, establishing the same foundation of knowledge for all employees. Then an additional hour (approximately) of training is provided specifically for managers and supervisors.

This course is also highly recommended for anyone involved in developing or implementing sexual harassment policies, including tribal leaders, directors, tribal administrators, and HR professionals.

Topics Include:
  • Building a Respectful Workplace
  • Anti-Discrimination Laws in the Tribal Workplace
  • What is Sexual Harassment?
  • Prohibited Behaviors and Consequences
  • What to Do if You're Being Harassed at Work
  • Bystander Intervention
  • Next Steps
  • Preventing Sexual Harassment as a Manager or Supervisor
  • Responding to Sexual Harassment Complaints

Practical Approach

This course introduces key concepts related to sexual harassment prevention and then reinforces them with interactive scenarios, activities, and knowledge checks so you will feel confident in your knowledge.

Demonstrate Success

Learners who complete the course and pass the final quiz will receive a certificate of completion. Check with your employer to see if this course counts towards your requirement for sexual harassment prevention training.

Make a Difference

Sexual harassment can be tough to address. While many sexual harassment prevention trainings exist to be able to check a legal compliance box, this one is aimed at actually empowering managers to identify problems and implement proactive solutions.

Course Lessons

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