Additional Services

In addition to the courses we sell through our marketplace, we provide wraparound services to ensure access to the highest-impact learning. These include:

Free newsletter. For those who sign up for our email list, we send out periodic newsletters with content of interest to our learners. This often includes free downloads of templates, job aids, or infographics and links to valuable resources in areas you tell us you have an interest.

Onsite Courses and Workshops. We love delivering live, in-person learning! Talk to us about what your needs and goals are, and we'll work with you to create an engaging, interactive session designed to meet key outcomes we decide on in advance, ensuring you get measurable results.

Multiple-Seat Discounts. If your tribe/tribal entity needs to train multiple employees or community members, we can offer bulk discounts on courses. You'll get a set numbers of seats that you can then assign to your learners.

Learning Management System. Tribes and tribal entities looking for a way to host their online learning can do so through us. We'll set up your own branded site with unique administrator logins where you can upload content for your learners, or license content from us to use. If you have content developed that you own the exclusive rights to, you can even license it to others on our platform, generating income you can put back into your tribe. Set up call with us to discuss your needs and goals.

Tailored Courses. Say you like our online bullying prevention course, but you'd like it to include your policy, a video with a message from your leadership, and scenarios that better fit your workplace. Or maybe you're interested in using our Roberts Rules training for your General Council meetings, but want to tweak it to fit the way you use it. For an additional fee, we can tailor any course made by ndgenius to fit your needs. For instructor-made courses sold on our course marketplace, let us know what you're looking for and we'll check with the instructor about tailoring it for you or having us do it.

Coaching (coming soon). Coaching is a perfect way for tribal leaders, managers, and others in strategic, high-impact roles to build valuable skills that translate into big differences for their careers and their tribes. It's also a great service for tribal member employees who have the potential to become pillars of success in their communities. A little extra support can make all the difference!

Expert Q &A Sessions (coming soon). Need a half hour or an hour of an expert's time to pick their brain? Book it through us!

AI Guides (coming soon). Perfect for getting answers to questions just when you need them, our AI guides are built to specifically address the needs of tribal leaders, managers, and HR professionals. Pair it with expert Q & A sessions for extra value.

Instructional Design Services. From employee training, to onboarding programs, to cultural courses and more, we'll work with you to design custom learning experiences that you own the rights to that advance your tribal entity's goals, mission, and values. Need help turning your existing disjointed training materials into a comprehensive learning and development system? We can help with that, too. Watch the below video to learn more about what Instructional Design is and how it's used.

Contact us for more information about any of these services.
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What is Instructional Design?

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