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A play on the words Indigenous/Indian, and ingenious/genius, ndgenius harnesses the brilliance of Indian Country to help its members solve problems and create opportunities together, driving economic and social prosperity for ndgenius’ members and the tribal communities they belong to or serve.

Our flagship Tribal Strategic Governance Hub uses a combination of expert-guided learning, curated resources, and facilitated networking to drive member success, helping them further their personal and professional goals while strengthening tribal communities.

Inspired by the renaissance in Native Nation Building, our ultimate goal is to serve as a platform for facilitating widespread individual and structural change that leads to greater prosperity and more actively embodied tribal sovereignty in Indian Country. 

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Our community memberships offer you the tools you need to help you reach your goals, with ongoing support from peers and experts.

Is ndgenius right  for you?

We are the best fit for individuals who have the time and motivation to dedicate to self-improvement through the platform.

Time requirements depend on your goals, and whether you decide the best paths for reaching them involve mostly bite-sized learning experiences, like job-aids, templates, and just-in-time learning, or more in-depth learning, like engaging in cohort-based learning.

Read through the following description of our ideal leaners to see if you recognize yourself or not.
Our ideal members are:
  • Open and curious lifelong learners
  • Willing to engage in the active learning and self-reflection necessary to achieve "aha" moments
  • Focused on their own personal and professional development
  • Dedicated to better serving their communities
  • Interested in mutual uplift, and happy to share their own skills and knowledge with others in the group (note that even those who don't believe they have skills to share inevitably do)
  • Able to be respectful of differing perspectives
  • Likely to have a "servant leader" mindset and recognize the value of humility

If that doesn’t sound very much like you, we may not be the right match.

Our ideal members do not:
  • Need to have certain educational credentials
  • Need to be extroverted or outgoing
  • Need to be Native (though you should be working for the benefit of Indian Country)

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