Beta test our ISDEAA Guide!

We've developed an exciting tool to help answer all your practical questions about the ISDEAA! (No legal advice). We're currently making it free to beta testers. Try it out and let us know what you think at! Click on the lightbulb icon in the lower right corner to test it out.

Need ideas on what to ask? Copy and paste any of the following sample prompts into the guide:
-Interview me one question at a time to help me think through how I can best negotiate my tribe's indirect cost rate.
-Help me understand audit requirements.
-How do I know which costs are allowable?
-Interview me one question at a time to help me plan out a successful contract proposal.
-What personnel issues should I be aware of under the Act?
-Walk me through the mechanics of documenting contract support costs.
-What considerations should I think through in determining which indirect cost rate would be most advantageous for my tribe?
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